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Dec 9, 2013 - The Mary Baker Eddy Library - Looking at the World through a Glass

Do you love history and understanding more about the world and its going-ons? Then you would be amazed when visiting the Mapparium at The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston, Massachusetts. Your mini bus can get you there with ease, to marvel at this unique attraction.

Creative Design at its Best

The Mapparium is actually a three-story tall globe that is made entirely of stained glass. Charter bus visitors view this globe atop a 30-foot long bridge located through the interior of the globe. The Mapparium is based on Rand McNally political maps, and reflects the political world as how it was at that time, labelling certain regions the old way like Italian East Africa and Siam, as well as the now defunct political entity, Soviet Union.

The main reason the Mapparium was built was for Christian Science Monitor newspaper to have a more impressive addition to the its new publishing headquarters. The Christian Science Church was inspired by the infamous spinning globe at the New York Daily News building, and decided to hire Chester Lindsay Churchill to design the Mapparium, with 608 stained glass panels produced by the Rambusch Company.

The World from Within

When the Mapparium was designed, the whole purpose was to give its visitors a more geographically accurate view of the world. It works like this: usually, you would assume that the globe already gives you an accurate representation of how far one country is from another, but in actual fact, since you are on earth and not above the earth looking down, it is more accurate to view the geographic relationship of one country to another from the inside of the globe. Because of this idea, coach bus visitors can view the accurate world from the inside of the Mapparium which places the eye at the same distance from any point of the map.

For example, you will realize when within the Mapparium, the distance between North America, Europe and Asia is pretty far, especially when standing at the equator and having to strain your neck just to view the countries located high atop the northern side.

Due to the special surface of the Mapparium hard walls, sounds within the globe is reflected on the walls, and because of that, it produces a strikingly acoustic effect. It is akin to visiting a whispering gallery, where rental bus visitors can stand on each end of the bridge and the whispers can be conveyed to each other as if standing next to each other.