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Dec 7, 2012 - The Boston Marathon

Driving in Boston is not for the faint of heart. A less than ideal road system, due to the layout of a city that was ‘grown’, rather than planned, makes Boston Bus Rentals services a logical choice when it comes to traveling. Due to the historic nature of Boston, and it being one of the oldest cities in the United States, it comes as no surprise to learn that the Boston Marathon is the second oldest foot race in the country.

Beginning in April of 1897, the Boston Marathon was organized by the Boston Athletic Association. Held on Patriot’s Day, or the third Monday of April, this historical foot race has continued to this day, making it the oldest continuously run marathon in world. It’s inclusion into the list of the five World Marathon Majors, has made the Boston Marathon famous among runners around the world, both amateur and professional.

The Boston Marathon is a point to point race for Boston charter bus tourists and visitors from out of town. This means that the race finishes at a different point from the start, as opposed to the start/finish line being at the same location, as in most other marathons. From its starting point in Hopkinton, the Boston Marathon course traverses winding course through the city, finishing at the center of the city in Copley Square, alongside the Boston Public Library.

The Boston Marathon is considered to be one of the more difficult races on the world marathon calendar. This is because the marathon runs across a series of hills. When you come and join up this amazing Boston charter event, you will get to explore the well-known Newton Hills, which culminate in Heartbreak Hill, near Boston College. Situated on the course where most runners are at the point of “hitting the wall”, many runners are forced to a walking pace.

In 2011, Geoffrey Mutai ran the world’s fastest ever marathon in a time of 2:03.02 at Boston. Although there was some controversy over the non recognition of the record by governing bodies, measures are being taken to amend the rules to allow inclusion of Mutai’s record breaking run.

Over 500,000 watch the Boston Marathon, which raises money for over 20 charities. It is touted as New England’s most widely viewed sporting event. Crowds line both sides of the course to cheer on runners, providing them with drinks and snacks. They are especially supportive of amateur runners.

All this adds up to major traffic congestion in Boston when the marathon is held. To avoid any traffic delays, one option would be to hire a charter bus, coach bus, passenger charter bus, party bus, mini bus or school bus from Boston Bus Rentals to ensure that your group can get to where they need to be on time, in safety and comfort.